Yeezy Slides

The Adidas Yeezy Slides collection delivers superior comfort and unmistakable style. These flip-flops feature an extraordinary design that is the brainchild of Kanye West himself. They are made for those who are not afraid to show their unique personality and prefer unconventional fashions. The Adidas Yeezy Slides offer the perfect combination of style and comfort. They are made from quality materials that ensure long-lasting comfort and durability. Impressive colors and innovative details give these slides a unique look. These flip flops are perfect for casual wear or for moments of relaxation. Their comfortable shape and stylish design make them an ideal choice for everyday wear. Explore our collection of Adidas Yeezy Slides and find the right pair to bring you comfort while complementing your outfit. Remember that Adidas Yeezy Slides are more than just flip-flops - they're a statement from one of the world's most respected brands and iconic artists, and therefore a guarantee of quality and style.


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Yeezy Slide Onyx - HQ6448 - SNEAKERLANDYeezy Slide Onyx - HQ6448 - SNEAKERLAND
Yeezy Slide Onyx Preț redusDe la €131.99
Yeezy Slide Bone - FZ5897 - SNEAKERLANDYeezy Slide Bone - FZ5897 - SNEAKERLAND
Yeezy Slide Bone Preț redusDe la €162.99
Yeezy Slide Glow Green - HQ6447 - SNEAKERLANDYeezy Slide Glow Green - HQ6447 - SNEAKERLAND
Yeezy Slide Glow Green Preț redusDe la €174.99
Yeezy Slide Flax - FZ5896 - SNEAKERLANDYeezy Slide Flax - FZ5896 - SNEAKERLAND
Yeezy Slide Flax Preț redusDe la €174.99
Yeezy Slide Resin - FZ5904 - SNEAKERLANDYeezy Slide Resin - FZ5904 - SNEAKERLAND
Yeezy Slide Resin Preț redusDe la €181.99
Yeezy Slide Pure - GW1934 - SNEAKERLANDYeezy Slide Pure - GW1934 - SNEAKERLAND
Yeezy Slide Pure Preț redusDe la €249.99
Yeezy Slide Ochre - GW1931 - SNEAKERLANDYeezy Slide Ochre - GW1931 - SNEAKERLAND
Yeezy Slide Ochre Preț redusDe la €181.99
Yeezy Slide Slate Grey - ID2350 - SNEAKERLAND
Yeezy Slide Slate Grey Preț redusDe la €187.99
Yeezy Slide 'Slate Marina' - ID2349 - SNEAKERLAND
Yeezy Slide 'Slate Marina' Preț redusDe la €168.99
Yeezy Slide 'Azure' - ID4133 - SNEAKERLAND
Yeezy Slide 'Azure' Preț redusDe la €161.99